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New Hashtag!

I'm sitting in my studio tonight trying to figure out how to find a slower pace in the next hectic coming weeks. Ticking off my to-do list before I leave, and I think I overbooked myself with many tasks as usual. Every year I promise myself to enjoy more this beautiful time of the year. I love Christmas time, I love its magic, the fact that it brings us together and invites us to appreciate these days with a slower pace. Yet I'm finding myself rushing. So today I am making a point to launch a brand new hashtag #slowdaysforthesoul where I am looking forward to find inspiration for my soul...for your soul.

But what does this mean?

For those who are new to the slow days style, here is a definition of S L O W L I V I N G:

it is a lifestyle emphasizing slower approaches to aspects of everyday life [Wikipedia].

Slow living does not mean you do nothing and that you chill on your sofa all day long! Slow living means that you live not a busy life but a full life, where you savour the minutes and not count them. In short a less stressed and chaotic life.

#slowdaysforthesoul will be our ongoing visual source where to share the way of making our life more meaningful and purposeful. I am not talking about making drastic big changes, but small gestures, small adjustments in our habits that can make us enjoy slower days. Whether you are baking your children favourite cake, or writing a letter to a long distance friend, or connecting with nature in your own way, or making your home a calmer space, anything that it is mindful, intentional, balanced and low stress share with me, share with us, share with this wonderful social connected community. Join the hashtag to inspire us!

I am looking forward to see you there.

#slowdaysforthesoul #slowliving

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