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With a deep-rooted sense of style and a sharp attention to details, Nicoletta Romei has been working in the world of styling and design for over 10 years.

She is very passionate about her work and over the past years she has built up knowledge about colours, materials, textures and furnitures.

Nicoletta is a creative design consultant and styling artist with a dedication for calm and timeless spaces.

Her signature Scandinavian aesthetic is rooted in a muted colour palette, often celebrating neutral tones, raw textures and craftsmanship - combined with the beauty of classic and vintage pieces.

With a tailored approach according to the needs and desires of each client, Nicoletta collaborates with a network of designers, artisans and tradespeople.

Her work focuses on

  • Interior Design

(consultation + design conception + development + project management)

  • Styling

( stills, props, interior styling)

  • Creative Consultancy

(art direction + creative concepts + custom pieces design)

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