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Pied-a-terre, Milan

In the heart of the Navigli, one of the liveliest and most fascinating areas of Milan, stands a pied-à-terre designed to accommodate a family of 5 during their travels in Italy. This space was designed to offer comfort and functionality, without sacrificing a distinctive and captivating style.


The choice of materials and tailor-made furniture components, beyond the standard specifications, is what makes this apartment unique. The fresh and cosmopolitan style of Milan blends harmoniously with Nordic influences in the design, creating an atmosphere that is contemporary and welcoming at the same time. The spaces are designed to be practical and versatile, with a design solution that maximises the use of space without sacrificing aesthetics. Natural light filters through the windows, illuminating the interior and creating a bright and airy atmosphere.  


High-quality materials and careful details give a discreet elegance to every environment, while touches of Nordic design add a touch of freshness and modernity. In this pied-à-terre, every detail has been carefully curated to create a space that is welcoming, functional and full of personality. It is a perfect retreat for the family during their travels in Italy, offering them a comfortable and charming place to feel at home away from home.

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